a children’s opera based on Hans Christians Andersen fairytale of Clumsy Hans who wants to marry the princess that is looking for a guy that can speak well for himself. The well read and sophisticated brothers ride to the princess on their horses and Clumsy Hans more simple rides on his goat. On his way to the castle Hans picks up a dead bird, an old shoe and mud. As the brothers choke on meeting the princess Hans gives his gifts to the princess – she falls for him and they end up bathing in a tub filled with mud.

with music by Mozart, Strauss, Bernstein, Puccini and Nielsen put together with new lyricks children are engaged with classical music in a simple and funny way.

2014 Royal Danish Opera, Director, Designer and Concept. Kasper Sejersen, Singers: Signe Sneh Schreiber and Mads Bagge Lange. Producer Helene von Scholten and Outreach at the Danish Royal Opera.