2018             Nisserne fra Doggerland. Opera at Den Ny Opera, Director.
2018             Madpakken, Podcast series with music for kids.  Concept and director.
2018             Teacher at The Danish National School of Performing Arts and Islandic University of Arts.  
2017-2018    Producer and dramaturg at DR-Drama series Supermodel, Ulkegade and Jul I Republikken.
2017             Niels W. Gade – Who Turns Off the Stars. Live radiodrama concert DR-Drama and Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Writer and Director.
2017             Surstrømning, Co-production between Teatret Svalegangen, Vendsyssel Teater, Randers Egnsteater, Teater Nordkraft, Team Teatret and Folketeatret. Director
2017             Behind the Music, Sacre Du Printemps w. Olaf Johannesen, Copenhagen Phil. Writer and Director.
2017             The Nightingale, Pin Upera/Danish Royal Opera. Designer and Director.
2017             VHS vs. Betamax, Teatret Svalegangen, Director
2016             Jaguar, Podcast series in 10 episodes. Danish Broadcasting Coperation. Director.
2016             Onkel Andy’s Late Night Theater Show, Grob Theatre, Director.
2016             Behind the Music, with Benedikte Hansen, Copenhagen Phil, Writer and Director.
2016             Kollaps, Radio Theatre 8 episodes, Danish Broadcasting Coperation. Co-Creator.
2016             Start Over, The Citizens Stage, Odense Theatre, Designer and Director.
2016             The House Broken, 20 years with Danish People’s Party, Mungo Park Kolding, Director.
2016             Behind The Music, Also sprach Zarathustra w. Karen Lise Mynster, Copenhagen Phil. Writer and Director.
2015             The Woman that Disappeared – a Live Version. A live radio documentary on stage, DR-Koncerthuset, Director.
2015             Behind the Music, Shostakovich 10th Symphony w. Jesper Christensen, Copenhagen Phil, Writer and Director
2015             In A Small Boat That Rocks, C:ntact at Edison Teater, Director.
2015             Anatomi, work in progress performance, Glad Teater, Director.
2015             Shopping Opera/Out In The Cold, Aalborg Opera Festival, Director.
2014             Andel, Aarhus Theatre, Director.
2014             A Soldiers Tale,  by Stravinsky, Copenhagen Phil. Director.
2014             Blockhead Hans – A Childrens Opera, The Royal Danish Opera, Director.
2014             Pagliacci, The Royal Danish Theatre, Paul Curran’s Production, Revival Director.
2013             The Will, Eventministeriet, The Royal Danish Theatre, Director.
2013             Jacob von Thyboe, Teatret Slotsgaarden, Director.
2013             Generation Hamlet, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Director.
2013             The Storm, Staged concert, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Director.
2012             Before The Concert, Litteratur Haus, Opera Pastice, Director.
2012             Glaze, Theatre concert, Aalborg Teater, Director.
2012             Like, Devised performance. Odense. Actors from SMKS. Director.
2012             The Case:Woyzeck, based on Georg Büchners Woyzeck, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Director.
2011/2012    World of Wires by Jay Scheib, The Kitchen, New York, Assistent Director.
2011             Flash Mob Litteratur Festival 2011, Copenhagen. Consultant.
2011             Moræne, Site Specific in Holmens Minedepot. Copenhagen. Director.
2011             Paper Flowers by Egon Wolff, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Denmark. Director.
2010             Life Insurance Institution, studio project, The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Director.
2009             Suburbia by Eric Bogosian, Malmö, Director.


2009-2013   Director, Danish National School of Performing Arts.
2007-2009   History of Ideas, Lund University.
2006-2009   Opera singing. Teacher Sten Byriel.
2004-2005   Theatre Science, Lund University.
2004            Acting Modern Drama, Malmö Högskola. Adam Gray and Niyi Coker.
2002-2003   Actors Workshop Teachers Lotte Horne and Finn Storgaard.
2001-2002   The Danish national training ship, Danmark.