A chronicle that follows 20 years of Danish People’s Party.
THE HOUSE BROKEN looks closer at the changes that have happened mentally and in values since 1995, when Denmark got a new party. A party that for 20 years has dominated the public discourse in content and tone, knowing that the future belongs to those who speak up.

Actors: Maja Juhlin, Frank Thiel, Marie Norgaard, Cecilie Gerberg Nielsen and Carl-Christian Riestra. Director: Kasper Sejersen. Set design: Louise Beck. Playwright: Line Mørkeby in collaboration with Jens Korse, Michael Schøt and Lasse Bo Handberg. Prolog: Pia Kjærsgaard


 ★★★★★”Imaginative and mischievous comedy paints a witty picture of the Danish People’s Party and its opponents. Henrik Lyding, Jyllandsposten

★★★★★ “The House Broken on Pia Kjærsgaard and the Danish People’s party  heading towards the center of power is an entertaining theater game  between satire and deadly serious. Its strength is that it insists on not being a canonization or demonization.” Jakob Steen Olsen, Berlingske Tidende

“Kasper Sejersen’s staging is carried by a large surplus. The key moments in the Danish People Party’s 20 years of life is done elegantly: the Euro referendum as a Matador-section, the brutal transition from the Olsen Brothers  “Fly on the wings of love” in 2000 to a somewhat different flight on September 11th the following year, Kjærsgaards affair with Fogh, Mohammed cartoon crisis and not least the icy opening of the second act. Here Cecilie Gerberg Nielsen sings “In Denmark I am born”, while two burqa dressed figures enters up beside her. “I’m afraid,” says a number of voices in the dark room.” Asker Hedegaard Boye, Weekendavisen

★★★★★ “The theater guests are served meatballs with Danish flags at the entrance and on stage a green carpet also says in man size letters in white: D-A-N-M-A-R-K says Denmark.” Henrik Hoffmann-Hansen, Kristelig Dagblad.

★★★★ “Amusing told by the five actors and a dynamic grip on staging by Kasper Sejersen and the four writers who leads us – easy through a good fifty years of Danish history in record short time.” Kristian Husted, Politiken

★★★★★..”they have with “The House Broken” created a carefully balanced and thoughtful piece of contemporary theater.” John Ahle Petersen JydskeVestkysten

★★★★★ “Articulate, debate promoting performing arts with the show “The House Broken” in 20 years with the Danish People’s Party.” Morten Hede,

★★★★★ Christian Skovgaard Hansen, www.ungtteaterblod


Mungo Park, Kolding. Fra forestillingen Jeg er Danmark/De Stuerene. ©2016 Palle Peter Skov