Generation Hamlet is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeares 15th century play Hamlet. Set in a modern kingdom without borders and total freedom. Hamlet as a hipster finds himself at his mothers second wedding night visited by his fathers dead spirit and is send on a task to revenge his murder. A murder committed by Hamlet uncle the new king and now husband to Hamlets mother.
Struggling with himself and his surroundings Hamlet looses everything around him including his girl friend Ophelia and his best friend Laerthes. Finally at the end Hamlet reveals the kings true face but ends up taking his own life.

A young and entertaining version of the old classic. Rewritten for six actors with a modern soundtrack of energetic hip hop and seventies classic rock. Staged tight with an expressive acting style, physical abstractions and direct communication with the audience.

2013 Danish National School of Perfoming Arts. Length: 1 hour 20 minutes.    Hamlet: Joachim Fjeldstrup. Ophelia: Sicilia Gadborg Høegh. Laerthes: Christopher Læssø. Gertrud: Siir Tilif. Claudius: Morten Burian. Polonius: Allan Klie. Director: Kasper Sejersen. Set designer: Karin Gille. Sound: Morten Frank. Light: Martin Braad. Stage manager: Cecilie Dujardin. Production: Markus Schulin-Zeuthen.