Jacob von Thyboe by the Danish 18th century writer Ludvig Holberg. Adapted and set in the royal castle in Odense city center. With a modern view of the story about not having enough money to get married to the one you love. Set around a pool in a “Paradise Hotel” styled universe. The old commedia dell’arte styled play becomes a modern crazy comedy.
Director: Kasper Sejersen. Set Design and Productions Manager: Jens Klastrup
Actors:Jakob Von Thyboe: Jacob Moth-Poulsen,Lucilia: Betina Nydal, Jesper snyltegæst: Thomas Jacob Clausen, Leonard: Jonas Kriegbaum, Stygorius: Morten Holst, Per:Thomas Nielsen, Pernille: Sofia Nolsøe.

Jacob Von Thyboe Reviews

“Brilliant performance of Holberg.” ★★★★★
“The classic language, poshness and foolishness are easily combined with modern songs, elvis like, emancipation and frivolous movement. Playful, creative, some simple props are used and vehicles reinvented in funny ways.
When the war reaches the level of the sandpit, the play ends, as the play eventually must.
Can you play Holberg in swim suites? Yes, you better believe it, and it’s hilarious.”
Jane Prior, Kulturkongen

“An easily digested ” Holbergian ” pool full with silly  splashes of charm ! !” ★★★★★
“What a lovely summer evening in Odense !…….. A crazy institution gets like this. For a lot was going on. Both in and around the pool, in the audiences and from the windows of the castle the characters were popping up in their summer clothes and hot bodies…….Yes – all in all, you simply just well entertained from start to end ! It was an evening to remember in big smiles.”
Kristjana Josefsdottir Jeppesen, Kulturkongen

“You’ve never seen Holberg like this …” ★★★★
“To the tones of Gwen Stefani and Nik & Jay – and a Pool scene in the midst – folds out a new interpretation of a Holberg’s comedy from 1723 , elegantly guided through by Jesper in his bathrope.
Preserves the old language and sense of comedy, while swim suits replaces the traditionnelle costumes and Poul Krebs is sung instead of the serenades – original and utterly entertaining!”
Emilie Glud, Kulturkongen