Idea, producer and director.

A podcast series with music for kids. Madpakken, or the Food Packet, is presenting 20 short stories with songs written by different genres of composers and orchestras. The aim is to present the variations of food and music in a fun way for the kids. Thus the styles of food and music defers from classical to punk or from hip hop to folk music so that the kids can get a taste different kinds off music.

The series is produced by DR Radiodrama and DR Ramasjang at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation. 

Musicians include: 

Den Gamle Sangskat

Mads Bagge Lange with Kammerkoret Camerata

Helle Hansen with Sara Gadborg


The Pagsberg Bigband &Vocals with Carl Christian Riestra.

Sys Bjerre

Tobias Trier

Ponyblod with Khal Allan og Tue Track

Rasmus Christensen and Søren Launbjerg

Fyr og Flammen

Annika Aakjær


Søren Siegumfeldt with Lea Them Harder

Kasper Ejlerskov Leonardt

Annelise with  Mund De Carlo Milad Genius Gilani

Mingus von Ende og Co.

Sara Stein, Nour Amora.


Christian og Frederik Elsker from Nanook

Trias with Camilla Skjærbæk

Text by Anna Panduro Director Kasper Jacob Sejersen Dramaturg Majse Garde Bergmann. Sounddesign Solveig Berger  Producent Mette Kruse  Actors: Olie Boisen, Maria Rich, Mei Oulund, Henrik Larsen, Peter Christoffensen Nukaka Coster – Waldau, Wahid Sui and talented  kids