One has come against her will. another wanted to follow his dreams. Different stories of Starting over in life. Based on the idea of BurgerBühne. Non actors appear on stage telling their own stories of arriving in the City of Odense. Of starting over in life of their Longing, adventure, fleeing and love. The struggle of adapting and not losing yourself to survive.
Director and Designer Kasper Sejersen, Dramaturg: Mathias Bech. Light Design: Simon Holmgreen. Stage manager: Stig Kaarsberg Bøjsen. On Stage: Tina Jess, Jenniffer Gasanol, Marie Almbjerg, Per Hedman, Joanna Kubat og Laxmi Khadka

FORFRA Reviews

“..Even though the paper does not give stars when non-professionals get on stage, the performance of FORFRA is strictly against all bigot expectations well played and very beautiful composed of fragments and statements bound to a frame story of Medea and Jason….For the present debate on fugitives that we daily are confronted with in media, FORFRA adds a god deal of thoughtfulness. To be torn up by the roots and replanted needs good fertile soil, fertilizer and water.” ‘Iben Friis Jensen, Fyens Stifttidende