An interactive theatre performance freely based on Georg Büchners play Woyzeck. Set in a gallery on the evening of the vernisage of the world famous multi artist Major Taboo.
Woyzeck is working at Gallery Anja K. His pregnant girl friend Marie is visiting this evening for the opening of the performance series of Major Taboo who during this evening seduces Marie. Woyzeck is pushed to the edge by the art world and finishes the evening by killing Marie in a performance and by that becomes an artist.

2012 The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Director: Kasper Sejersen Set Design Maja Kall, Sound Weronika Andersen Light: Casper Daugberg stage manager: Anna Cathrine Colberg Production: Maja Aas
Actors: Esben Smed, Sicilia Gadborg Høegh, Kathrine Høj Andersen, Jonas Kriegbaum, Christopher Læssø, Charlotte Amalie Kehlert.